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Aaron Petrek
Game Developer

Aaron Petrek

Game Developer


Solo Project, VR

VR puzzle escape game. Game started as a tutorial for non VR game. I converted the game to VR adding the gameplay mechanics for a VR experience.

Gameplay Unreal Blueprints

Team project submission for the 2022 game jam. My contributions included programming player vehicle controls and movement, and endless runner spawn system.

Gameplay Unreal Blueprints

Team project submission for the 2023 game jam. My contributions included programming shooter on rails movement, enemy AI and rail system build tool.

Add multiplayer gameplay

Multiplayer implementation of open source for Googles Tilt Brush (Open Brush). In VR, players can collaborate, create and explore each other's virtual artwork. Developed as a location-based VR arcade experience for the GRID.

Solo Project, Multiplayer, VR

Competitive VR ESport for location-based VR Arcade. Game was developed in Unity using the OpenXR plugin, and Mirror Networking netcode.














UE 4 & 5







Skill Set

About Me

My fascination with video games began one Christmas when my brother and I received a SNES. I immediately thought about the inner workings of those grey cartridges. They seemed magical to me; What made them work? Who made them work? How was it done?

I graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2015, earning my BS in Computer Engineering. In my first two years of college, I experimented with a few different game engines, first 3D Game Studio and then Unity. My Computer Engineering degree focused on embedded systems, in particular software development on embedded systems. I was taught to write C/C++ in a clean and efficient manner given the limited resources in an embedded system, and to always think about how my code was being executed on lower levels of abstraction.

After college, I worked for the US Navy as a civil service computer engineer for 6 years. Throughout this time, I was involved with the development of several high-visibility software projects. The majority of these projects included data deserialization and telemetry data decommutation in a real-time environment.

I became more interested in exploring game development in 2019. Before I knew it, this renewed interest consumed all of my spare time. After working a full day at my job with the Navy, I was effortlessly spending multiple hours on my personal game development projects. After doing this for a few years, and much self reflection, I knew I needed to make game development more than just a hobby.

I left the Navy after realizing my career goals were not being met. I needed more of a challenge and craved a much faster working environment where my technical abilities could be tested daily, along with the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skill set. I craved working on larger game projects, and being part of a team where my contributions would add to a project’s success. I realized game development provided this challenge and gave me the push I needed to make it my full time career.


I am a team-oriented game developer specializing in multiplayer gameplay mechanics. I am always looking for the next challenge to create amazing games that allow me to learn and elevate my skill set to the next level.

Other Interests

My interests unrelated to video games include:

Music — I play piano and bass

Cooking — Especially smoking meats

Aviation — Although I am currently inactive, I hold a private pilot's license.

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